Tuesday, 21 February 2012

WEEK 6 - On Track and Happy Pancake Day!

Week 6 | February 21, 2012 | Weight: 287.6 | Loss of 4.8 lbs | Total Loss 23.0 lbs

I feel like I lost a little traction last week with only losing 1.2 pounds however this week it seems I've gotten back on track.  I know I can't expect to continue to lose 4 pounds every week and it will soon drop to a regular 1 to 1.5 pounds a week so all in all I feel great about my overall progress thus far.

Now that I have week 6 behind me, this also marks the point where I would like to start working out.  As mentioned in my previous post, I'm starting up on the Kinect Your Shape game for Xbox.  I fired it up this morning and entered my data.  I did three 4-5 minute personal training sessions.  I must say I worked up a bit of a sweat but I was feeling good.  After that I decided to go down into the basement and dust off the Concept 2 Rowing machine that I bought a few years ago.  Seems I had it in my head to try and lose weight before but clearly that was one of my many failures.

I hopped on that sucker and spent 15 minutes rowing.  The sweat starting running off my brow which is a good sign I'm doing something right.  I never bothered to record the calories burned as I've read not to trust the machines readouts.  I'll pick up a heart rate monitor next week for that but I still think at this point I'm going to eat the same calories and any workout burn is going to be gravy.

On Saturday, my wife and I decided to have a dinner that we haven't had in a while - Chateaubriand with Bearnaise Sauce.  I love cooking this meal as the steak just melts in the mouth and the sauce adds a fine, tangy zing.  We even ate it in the dining room for a bit of extra class LOL.  The downside to this fantastic meal is the calories.  I went over by a couple of hundred that day and so did my wife, but we continue to count and log our calories vigilantly.  She lost a pound this week and I'm very proud of her progress as well!

Finally, I'd like to wish everyone one a Happy Pancake Day!  Yeah when you have young kids, those little days seem to be quite exciting.  Anyway, it sounds like it's pancakes for us tonight!  I'm going to see about picking up some low fat whip cream for them!

More than likely, I'll try to grab some pecans for mine as the kids enjoy them with a small amount of chocolate chips.  Topped off with strawberries and whip cream and you've got a real winning combination.  I best get started on the calorie counting for this evenings meal LOL.


  1. yes, please don't trust the calories burned on those damn machines. People who do that and think it's a science drive me batty. Just watch your calories in and know that you're doing some good exercise. Things will start to happen for the better. best wishes!

    1. Thanks! At this point I'm not even going to count exercise burn calories. There's so much debate about whether or not we should eat them back, eat some of them back or not eat them back at all. I guess everyone is different and part of my journey is to figure out what works for me.