Tuesday, 7 February 2012

WEEK 4 - Chicken and the Egg

WEEK 4  |  February 7, 2012  |  Weight: 293.6  lbs  |  Loss of 2.8  lbs  |  Total Loss 17.0 lbs

This week I had a goal to lose 2.2 pounds and I'm happy to report that I lost a staggering 2.8 and yet again, with no exercise what-so-ever.  I am simply counting my calories and ensuring I stay at or near my daily limit.  I know I'm going to have to start working out soon but I am finding it sort of humorous that I've lost 17 pounds without doing a thing other than re-arranging my food intake and a bit of portion control.

This week I've been trying some new ideas with chicken.  I love boneless, skinless chicken tits and am coming up with new ways to cook them.  It gotten a little warmer here this past week so I've also fired up the BBQ.  This opens up lots of different cooking opportunities.  Chicken wraps, grilled chicken, BBQ chicken burger are all great meals.  I've also started to buy the cartons of egg beaters.  These are essentially egg whites that I can scramble up in about three minutes from flame to plate.  Tossing them onto a slice of whole grain toast and I've got a yummy breakfast for around 200 calories.  Because the eggs are a fantastic source of protein, I found that I stay fuller a bit longer in the morning.

I've started sizing up some treadmills as ultimately I'd like to be able to do some running but I know my body has quite a way to go before I can even run 20 feet without gasping but you have to start somewhere.  That said, my plan is to pick up a treadmill, a HRM and a pair of fat guy running shoes at the end of the month.

As for snacking in the evenings - I'm really digging strawberries and pineapple so I've been either cutting up some pineapple or having a bowl of strawberries in the evenings with a dollop of low fat whip cream.   I'm also shocked that I managed to avoid soda pop for the past week (except on the weekend where I mixed diet pepsi with some rum).  I've been drinking about 2 liters of water everyday.  It still tastes like crap but it's something I know I really need to do.  I wonder if I will ever come to actually enjoy drinking water?


  1. Man, can't recommend the Couch to 5k program enough to get you into running (fast walking)!

    1. Thanks! I'll look that program up and find out what it's all about.