Saturday, 4 February 2012

Go Suck A...Pineapple?

I LOVE fresh cut pineapple.  It's so sweet and juicy and easy to serve, especially when the whole family enjoys it.  Each ring comes in at about 42 calories it's perfect as a side to a breakfast or just for an evening snack.  You do however need the right tool so I suggest picking up one of these.

They work great and only cost about $20 at most local grocery stores.  It's plastic and I've broken one already but totally worth it.  If I break this one, I'll be getting a stainless steel one next time which I can get for about $50 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

It's pretty easy to use, you just cut the top off your pineapple, place the cutter on top and start twisting.  It drills into the fruit creating rings of pineapple.

Then when you reach the bottom (you can feel it through the skin of the pineapple about where it is) you just wiggle back and forth pulling it back out and poof, rings of pineapple!  The handle pops off and they just slide off.  Make one cut down the stack and you're done.  Add as a side to some toast with breakfast or just to snack on.

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