Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hootin and Hollerin

Losing weight to be healthy is an absolutely fantastic reason to make changes in one's lifestyle, but today, another reason came up that has a pretty dramatic impact on how you feel about yourself.  As shallow as it sounds, how one looks is just as important.

My wife and I were coming out of the local convenience store today.  I was picking up one of those large water containers for our water cooler so I was several paces behind.  As my wife walked out (she is on her own weight loss journey), I could hear several men whistle and holler at her as she walked by.

Now we're not spring chickens anymore but when something like that happens, you just HAVE to feel good about yourself and know that you're on the right track.  She's lost 15 pounds herself since we began this journey together and I am so proud of her.

I of course had a sense of pride and felt extremely lucky that it was me that was getting into the car with her.  So, I'll be marking this down as an additional reason for me to lose weight - to simply look great for me, for my wife and for the hooters and the hollerers!

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