Thursday, 16 February 2012

Water, Water, Everywh..glub glub

Ok, so I know how much water is good for me.  I've heard it all my life and it's the one thing I just could never stomach.  It tastes like eating paper and I've never had any desire to ingest it.  That said I've been reading more about the benefits of drinking the stuff and I decided to start giving it a try.  

The first thing I learned that was based on my weight, the calculations say I need to drink 4.5 liters a day.  Are you fricking kidding me?  That's like 8 and a half little 500 ml bottles.  I'd have to drink one every 2 hours to get there - that's insane!  Well, like all things, I decided to start slow late last week and at least stop drinking diet soda pop during my meals and drink bottled water instead.  3, 500 ml bottles per day seemed pretty easy. A few days later I had cut out soda pop all together and am now exclusively drinking water (except in my rum and diets).  After that, I figured it was time to try and drink what I'm "supposed" to drink.  Starting this week I tried drinking a bottle of water every 2 hours.  

Immediately I noticed I had to hit the bathroom every 15 minutes (that's not a joke, I literally had to piss every 15 minutes).  I thought - this is insane, I can't sustain that.  I started asking some questions and read a few articles and I've been told by the wise internet that this can be normal until my body gets used to the newly found water source and will stop hanging on to old water.  A few days later and I'm going every half hour to an hour now.  Hopefully I'll return to normal and still be able to keep drinking the stuff.  

Bit by bit I'm starting to like the taste more - and this is from a guy who would literally go years without a single drop of water.  The next thing I noticed was that after a day or two of drinking water like this, I gained about three pounds.  This was sort of a shock but I continued to seek the guru of the internet and was educated that this can be normal too and all things will balance themselves out.  This morning I discovered that this indeed happened and dropped another four pounds so it looks like I'm back on track.  Hopefully I can stop running to drain the one eyed snake every 30 minutes soon - it gets pretty annoying at work, though the walk to the can is a nice break.

Finally, I read that my skin will start to feel and look better as a result of the new found hydration and my wife has noticed that already given the Bedroom Olympics that I currently enjoy.  Anyway, if you're not drinking your water - get started on it!  I found a great iPhone App called Water Your Body that can help you keep track of your water intake and even remind you to drink it.

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