Starting at the end of Week 6, I began some exercise.  From beginning until the end of week 6 I did no exercise what-so-ever.  I had lost 23 pounds.  There seemed to be no requirement for me to start exercising other than it being a simple choice to do so.   I don't expect to lose weight any faster by doing this but I do want to build a little muscle as I go; rather than finish my goal as a bag of bones with a floppy tongue for a stomach and old lady bewbs.

That said, starting at the end of Week 6 I decided to perform 15-20 minutes of Kinect Your Shape fitness activities followed by 15 minutes on the Concept 2 rower that had been previously collecting dust in my basement.

In the weeks to come I plan on pulling out our Elliptical and picking up a new treadmill.  I suspect near the end of the year I'll find some sort of weight lifting equipment to complete the package.

WEEK 10 UPDATE: After week 10's weigh in, I am now doing 20 minutes on the rowing machine, 6 minutes on the elliptical each morning.  Add to this a 3-4 km walk during the day at lunch if work is not too busy and a 2-3 km walk around the neighborhood in the evenings before dinner if it's nice outside.  On the weekends we do a 4 km walk around a nearby park followed by some other activity such as swimming.