Wednesday, 25 January 2017

WEEK 3 - The Omen

WEEK 3   January 24, 2017  |  Weight: 311.6 lbs   Loss of 4.4 lbs

I can't believe 3 weeks of no eating take out and not over eating.  I'm still eating the foods I like, just as long as they are home cooked versions in controlled quantities.  I've increased the quantity of side dishes so I can decrease the main portion.  For example, instead of 2 small steaks or 2 burgers, I eat 1 steak or 1 burger and a larger side of salad.

Another what I can only call an omen is the fact that the grocery store has started selling two salads that I haven't had since I lost weight in 2012.  One of my challenges is to find a side dish I like with my meals that isn't too terrible (compared to the pizza, or burger, or steak that I'd call my main) because I just don't like many things.  In 2012, my wife found a number of bagged salads I really liked and somewhere in 2013, all the grocery stores stopped selling them.  We've kept our eye open and just recently, we noticed the grocery store is selling them again!  This makes my meals so much easier to plan because I really like these particular salads.

Now that I'm about to start week 4, I have a new challenge ahead of me.  I have to eat a reduced diet for the next several days in preparation for a colonoscopy procedure I need to get on Monday.  My older sister was diagnosed with colon cancer so we all have to get screened.  I'm going to try and be strong for the next week and hope everything goes to plan.

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