Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2017 Fresh Start

WEEK 0   January 4, 2017  |  Weight: 327.6 lbs   Loss of 0.0 lbs

Here we are, restarting again.  I guess it's a lot like when I quit smoking finally (It's been 6 years now) - you never quit quitting.  I feel that way about weight.  I know I want to lose it, I know I need to lose it, and I try and fail but I try try again.  Stepping on the scale now however I can see I've gained even more weight than the heaviest I have been in my life.  I feel tired, sick, worn out and my latest physical shows me with high blood pressure.  I've GOT to fix this and I've GOT to do it now.  My doctor wants me to start exercising (for 15 mins a day to start) and to try to get my weight under control so let's do this!

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