Wednesday, 3 February 2016

WEEK 4 - Still On Track

WEEK 4   February 1, 2016  |  Weight: 294.4 lbs   Loss of 3.0 lbs

So here we are on week 4.  With a little bit of a hic-up in week 3, I am happy to say that I am very pleased with this weigh in.  I've been weighing every day but only recording on Mondays so I do get to see regular fluctuations and how a day of certain foods, water intake, and activity can change what the scale shows on a daily basis.  This has helped me start to form better habits again.

I've been doing my best to follow in my footsteps from 2012 and referring back to my activities from then as well.  I was even able to pull up my meals from Loseit from 2012.  Right there that was a valuable thing.  I know exactly what I had to eat every day back then and it's amazing to compare what I was doing then with what I am doing now.

That said, it seemed to be that I was eating lower calories but the quality of the food didn't matter and I can sort of get that when I went from pure takeout and junk to losing weight.  To stay on track back then I had to ensure I was focused more on portion control vs. food quality.  Asking someone who's been eating takeout 4 days a week to start eating veg and other high quality low calorie foods is setting them up for failure.  So this time I'm really only focused on calorie and sodium intake.  As I get further along, I'll do what I did back then and start swapping out foods for better quality ones.  So far, doing this, here I am on week 4 and still dropping!

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