Wednesday, 27 January 2016

WEEK 3 - Weaknesses

WEEK 3   January 25, 2016  |  Weight: 297.4 lbs   Gain of 0.5 lbs

In looking back at my Week 3 from 2012, I saw that while I had a great loss, I also had a cheat day where I indulged in food I should not have had.  This week 3, I had a similar set of incidents.  If I had kept it to one occurrence, I think I would have been fine however it was more than one.  I am calling it a weak week.  Most of the week was actually pretty good but I had 2 events that caused this gain.

First, I agreed to go out to the pub after work with a co-worker.  My plan was to escape early and go home for a home-cooked meal or some other low calorie option.  What ended up actually happening was a giant pizza and hot wings.  Damn you pub food why do you have to taste so good!

The second event was sheer laziness.  My wife and I were going to roast a chicken on the weekend but we were both caught up in doing our own thing that we decided to go the easy route and just order food.  This was my second mistake.

Today (the day of posting, 2 days after my weigh in), I've already lost 2 pounds so I think some of this gain was sodium based water retention which is a good thing and makes me feel like I haven't fallen flat on my face all together.  Onward and Downward!

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