Sunday, 22 January 2017

WEEK 2 - Stick to the Plan

WEEK 2   January 17, 2017  |  Weight: 316.6 lbs   Loss of 3.6 lbs

Another great loss on the scale but at this point does not pose much of a challenge - it's week 2 for crying out loud.  If I can't stick to a new lifestyle for more than 2 weeks there's no hope lol.  Regardless, I've made this new lifestyle change the focus of my attention.   I learned through re-reading my blog over and over that if I never made health a top priority, I'd eventually lose sight of goals, what I was trying to do and ultimately fail.

Now, I'm keeping the lifestyle change in my sights daily.  One thing I've done is stop drinking for the short term.  We used to drink almost daily in the past (yes, bad I know).  Even during my success in 2012, we drank every weekend.  This time I've decided that I am going to have a routine that I am going to stick to for the first several weeks just to get the ball rolling - pick up some momentum if you will.  I've lost faith that I can "do this" and need to show myself that I "can" do it.  That said, I've developed a routine of repetition that I'm sticking to.  No drinking, no restaurants, and regular home cooked meals.  Nothing outrages at all.  No special diets, no drastic change in the kinds of food I like.  Just removal of the excess and take outs.

Once I get over the first 6 week hump, then I'll relax a little on routine and start changing things like adding exercise and swapping out some bad food for better choices.  For now, I just need to prove to myself I can do better than just reboot over and over.

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