Tuesday, 29 May 2012

WEEK 20 - The Great Outdoors

Week 20 | May 29, 2012 | Weight 255.5 | Loss of 2.1 lbs | Total Loss: 55.1

What a lovely week for loss!  Finally the weather is getting better, my injury is better and I'm running regularly again.  I know I'm not posting 2-3 times per week lately and it's mostly because I just don't have that much to report on.  The journey is status quo and everything has been pretty routine - Work out, Eat right and lose weight!

My wife's first 5k run is only a few weeks away and we're planning a large BBQ that evening.  I expect it to be a high calorie and sodium day but I'm preparing for that by ensuring I'm eating clean, logging my food and working out regularly.

I had a physical last week at the Doc's office and he was quite pleased with my progress so far.  I've got to get some blood work done to check on all my numbers but his in-a-nut-shell advice for me was to just keep doing what I'm doing and I'll keep shedding the pounds.

One thing I did discover that I never thought I'd like is Chicken Caesar Salad.  Wow that stuff is good!  Last weekend we decided to take the kids to the amusement park and for the first time since January we were stumped at how we were going to heat food.  Every other mealtime we've been near the home and cooked something up or microwaved something for a lunch but not this day and we refused to buy carnie food as who knows what goes into that crap.  So we pulled out a couple of chicken breasts (we usually have 10 or so pre-cooked on hand at all times these days, sealed and frozen) and cut it up.  I shoved it in a small tupperware dish, loaded the mini-van with a big mixing bowl, caesar salad ingredients, the chicken chunks and some water bottles.  I loaded a small cooler up with ice and off we went.  I was shocked at how delicious that lunch was.  It was pretty much our first picnic during our weight loss journey and even the kids had a great time with it!

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