Sunday, 6 May 2012

Happy Birthday!

My son turned 9 years old this weekend and this post is a shout out to him!  Have a fantastic birthday son!  Of course, all sensible eating went out the window this weekend as I had to partake in birthday cake.  Naturally there was no home cooked meal as we were out to Laser Tag for his party, then off to Chop (a fine dining restaurant) for dinner.

After we doused ourselves with sodium from that, we went back home with some adult friends and had a few drinks.. a few too many and ended up dehydrating ourselves and eating pizza.  This afternoon it finishes up with a dose of Chinese Food, again, loaded up with sodium.

I'm certainly glad these things don't happen very often and I fully expect to log a gain this coming Tuesday.  If I get lucky and I get some runs in and hit the home gym, I may break even.  I'll have to drink a ton of water over the next few days and keep my sodium low to try and work this out of my system.

One thing I did notice that eating this way actually gave me an upset tummy - something I haven't had in months.  I've discovered that the foods I used to be able to eat no problem are causing me grief now that I've been eating so much better over the past while.  I'll be happy to get back to eating better after this weekend but I'm setting the expectation of not having a great loss this week now so I won't be disappointed.  Now, time to go flush!

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