Sunday, 18 March 2012

St. Patrick's Weekend

This weekend was a fantastic weekend!  The family and I did so much together this weekend that I almost feel like I hadn't rested at all.  My plan was to work out during the weekdays and let my body rest up on the weekends, but it seems that my resting on the weekends are not going so well, but I'm loving it.

The first thing we did together this weekend was to make some yummy St. Paddy's Day shakes.  I was amazed that I actually managed to resist having one.  The kids loved them and loved how their tongues turned green.  It was a simple oreo cookie, vanilla ice-cream, mint extract and food coloring mixture blended up to a nice blizzard.  Quite the treat and packed with calories I'm certain.

On Saturday, my wife and I took what she's been calling our power walks.  It's a 2.5 km walk around our neighborhood where she is almost in a jog and I'm sweating my butt off to keep up.  She was so pumped about it this weekend, she even broke out into a full blown jog.  I told her to keep going and I'll keep power walking and so, off she went. It was awesome to see her go!  I managed to meet her back at the house only a few minutes behind.

This Sunday, we took the kids (the dog always goes with us) up to the nearby park for a 4 km walk.  It was a bit cold but the snow is almost all gone now and the fresh air was very nice.  That was a new record for me for distance and I felt great.

After our walk, we came home, had lunch and decided to go to the wave pool.  I hadn't been swimming in years and I was wondering to myself if I still knew how lol.  A few hours of frolicking and swimming with the wife and kids and I could feel the muscles in my body starting to rebel so I knew it was time to give them a much deserved rest.

Now for a nice relaxing evening watching the season finale of The Walking Dead with my lovely wife.  I just hope I'm not too exhausted to get up and do my regular workout on the rower tomorrow morning.  Oh and I found the proper power adapter for the elliptical so that's working just great again!


  1. Good for you mate! It's inspired me to get out there tomorrow and go for a walk!

    1. Thanks! I've been really enjoying the walks and I'm able to do them faster and faster each time and adding just a bit of distance as well.