Thursday, 8 March 2012

Changing it Up

I've discovered that I really enjoy walking.  I even managed to convince my wife to join in.  Her workout routine is normally in the evenings after work so I knew if I wanted her to come walk with me during that time, I'd have to convince her to do some workouts in the morning.  She is not a morning person.

Anyway, yesterday we took the kids and the dog and did a 2 km walk around the neighborhood and it turns out, everyone loved it.  So much so we're going to try and make it a regular thing.  This also means that the Kinect is going to be taken over by my wife in the morning so I'm left with only the Rower.  This is ok by me and we tried it this morning.  She even commented that she felt more alert this morning than regular mornings.

It also motivates me more to get the elliptical put together sooner than later.  I also decided to take a brisk walk during my work day around lunch time.  For the past 2 days now, I've done a 3 km walk around downtown and I'm pretty sure I'm going to continue that.  I even took a pretty picture of the area where I walked.  All in all, my exercise regimen is consisting of (including the elliptical that will be assembled shortly):

Morning - 10 minutes of the Elliptical followed by 20 minutes on the Rowing Machine
Afternoon - 3 km brisk walk around my work area
Evening - 2-3 km walk around the neighborhood with my family before I make dinner

I never thought I'd enjoy moving so much being a desk jockey for the past 20 years and barely making it from one floor to the next but there it is and I'm loving it!

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