Friday, 23 March 2012


During weight loss, I've learned that fluctuations are normal and to be expected.  A lot of people like to weigh themselves every day and record their gain or loss.  With that comes a lot of fluctuations and that can drive people batty.  One thing I've learned is to not lose heart when the scale goes up because it's GOING to happen.  Whether because you've been overeating or because of the sodium from that giant pizza you ate last night or whatever, you can expect it.  A lot of advice to others to get around worrying so much about day to day fluctuations is to only weigh yourself twice a month or every week.  The problem is, we are a "right now" type of society and looking at the scale is just something that's going to happen.

I've resigned to go ahead and weigh every morning but only record on each Tuesday.  I've come to accept day to day fluctuations and I don't lose any sleep over it.  I record my weekly progress on and I can clearly see the trend there by doing that.  

Take a look at this weekly record from the graph:

As you can see, I've clearly lost some weight and the trend is going in the right direction.  Unfortunately I only started recording daily weight for myself starting in late February, but take a look at this DAILY graph for the past month:

If you look at the points on the graph, you can clearly see that day to day, my weight goes up and down.  Sometimes it goes up by a little or not at all and other times it goes up by a lot.  The important part is that the trend over time is headed in the right direction and THAT is what's important.  Slow and steady wins the race with weight loss, not quick fixes.  Lucky for me, my weigh in day of Tuesday has typically been a day where my weight happened to be down LOL - I count myself lucky for that but it will run out eventually and I'm sure I'll post an official gain as I go downward.


  1. I'd struggle with weighing every day. Maybe it's a woman thing, but we might then cry when it goes up lol. I get so inspired by people like yourself who are "doing" it and getting results.

    1. So far so good! I'm not sure I could avoid weighing in daily LOL, but forcing myself to only record on weekly does help with my sanity LOL.

  2. Just found your blog!! Great post!!

    Keep focused!