Wednesday, 1 August 2012

WEEK 29 - Vacation Ouch!

Week 29 | July 31, 2012 | Weight 255.5 | Gain of 6.2 lbs | Total Loss: 55.1

So we're finally back from vacation and wow!  Thinking back about what I ate during it and it was pretty insane.  Large bags of chips, chocolate bars, giant steaks, burgers galore and then the fast food.  A few trips to Wendy's for some triple baconaters and fries!  I can't even count the number of times we hit fast food joints.  Then of course there was the copious amounts of booze.  Yeah, 6.2 pounds after all that?  No shocker there.

That said, we had a fantastic time away and break.  My wife gained more than I did but it's starting to slowly come off again now that we are eating clean.  It wasn't too difficult getting back into the routine and even though we were not weighing ourselves during vacation, we knew it was time to stop and couldn't actually wait to get back to good clean eating.

Running on the other hand, now that's going to take a bit more effort.  I haven't had a run in a few weeks now and I've got myself another week of vacation but I'm just hanging home with the kids relaxing so there's no need for the fast food and eating clean is easy to do while I'm here.  That said, I plan to attempt a new run starting next week.  This coming weekend is our August long weekend so I can't promise I won't eat poorly this weekend as it marks the official end to my vacation but I am ready to get back at it full steam ahead!

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