Tuesday, 24 April 2012

WEEK 15 - Ruh-Roh

Week 15 | April 24, 2012 | Weight 263.3 | Loss of 0.2 lbs | Total Loss: 47.3

Oh the madness.  I'm not surprised by this weigh in at all.  While I did manage to stay under my calorie budget, the phantom of sodium had struck again and I will admit, one event in particular was lack of planning and will power.

We visited three different takeouts between Thursday and Saturday and while calories remained in check, my sodium did not.  I wasn't worried as I figured that in two days I'd be flushed and back to normal.  Then it hit, it was dinner time on Sunday and I had a meal on the home cooking menu that we've never had before so the temptation of a delicious, home cooked meal wasn't there (simply because I had no idea if it would be fit to eat or not LOL). We were at the mall and the Boston Pizza was glaring at me.  I did a quick check on the iPhone and I could do it calorie wise, but sodium would hit me at a shocking 5800 mg!  Add that to the previous sodium from the fast food from Thursday - Saturday.

It was nothing more than a pure weak moment and we went in.  On Monday, I had gained almost 4 pounds!  I flushed all day and this morning got myself back down by 2 pounds but earlier in the week I was weighing in at 261 so I didn't manage to get it all out of the system.  This means that next weeks weigh in should be pretty decent as long as I don't let this one incident continue.  Yeah, I had the Boston Brute...

Planned meals even in restaurants seem to be working out, but it's these unplanned, spur of the moment ones that'll get ya.  Don't make them a habit!

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