Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WEEK 22 - Summer

Week 22 | June 12, 2012 | Weight 251.5 | Loss of 1.8 lbs | Total Loss: 59.1

Wow!  It's only now that I am blogging I realize the amount of things that are going on in my life that keeps me busy and how the time of year impacts that so much.  Now that the weather isn't keep us stuck in the house as much, we're out and about doing things a LOT more often which also keeps me away from the computer more than I realize.  What can I say - another late posting!

Anyway, my wife and I discovered a habit that we've formed that really has to stop.  On the weekdays, we usually go to bed pretty early because we have to get up when the alarm goes off to get moving for work and kids off to school and all that stuff but on the weekends, there's really no time requirement for us to get to bed.  We'll get up when we get up sort of thing.  That said, it seems that it never fails that Friday and Saturday night, around 11:30 pm or so, we get the munchies.  This usually causes us to cook up something (happily this doesn't turn into a ordered meal like it did in the past) but it still turns into a second supper.  Of course we start off well intended to cut up some fruit and make a nice platter but then in walks the other problem - we have a few drinks on the weekend.  Now before you even say it, I'm a newfie which means don't bother asking me to give up my drinks on the weekend because that's just not going to happen, though at least I'm not downing calorie rich beers - I've kept it to diet soda pop and light rum.   Anyway, this means that preparing something that doesn't come out of a box and in the oven for 8 minutes (aka frozen pizza) usually falls to the wayside.

So for the next few weekends we've decided to try and prepare a fruit platter AHEAD of time.  Then, when the 11:30 pm urge hits, we just go to the fridge and grab the platter and instead of eating a bunch of pizza, we're eating a bunch of fruit.  Here's to hoping this helps with those uncontrolled weekend snack attacks.

Oh, and I'm still very pleased with my loss :)

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