Tuesday, 31 January 2012

WEEK 3 - Pants!

WEEK 3  |  January 31, 2012  |  Weight: 296.4  lbs  |  Loss of 2.8  lbs  |  Total Loss 14.2 lbs

Another fantastic loss!  I'm actually pretty amazed that I even lost this amount because I gorged on Mary Brown's (a local fried chicken place) over the weekend and still haven't done any exercise at all.  I had 2 large centers, fries, half a plate of taters and gravy!  Yes it was a moment of weakness and I'm sure it won't be my last.

I was sitting in my chair this week, reading some other weight loss blogs and noticed a lot of people are taking their measurments and recognizing success by clothing size and other things.  I think this is a good idea and I'm going to pick myself up a tape measure to do just that.

I recall in my late 20's a pair of size 36 pants that my wife simply adored and wanted me to buy and wear.  I was quite excited because it's not often my wife tries to get me to dress up.  I went back to the store and tried them on.  They would not fit.  It turns out that I was just barely wearing a size 38 at the time (my first clue that something was going on with my weight).  The store didn't have anything larger than a size 36 - I was crushed and I knew my wife was as well.  I bought the dang things anyway and told her that someday I would fit into them.  Unfortunatly I only ever increased in size.  I wonder if I will ever fit into those pants?  I'm currently just fitting into a size 44.


  1. Hey man!

    Thought I'd stop by and say hello and wish you all the best!

    I was a 54 pant size when I started... Currently on a 42. Although my weightloss has been stymied the last few months due to a shoulder and hand injury I'm starting to get back into the grove...

    Again good luck and best wishes!


    1. Thanks. I've read through your whole blog. Some of your trials and tribulations are certainly going to help me with what's to come.